5. Changes

5.1. Version 1.2 (2018-02-09)

  • Fixed some issues relating to usage with Python 3
  • Remove support for Python 2.6 and 3.x with x < 4
  • Fix logging response in query server (fixes #321)
  • Fix HTTP authentication password encoding (fixes #302)
  • Add missing http.Forbidden error (fixes #305)
  • Show doc property on Row string representation
  • Add methods for mango queries and indexes
  • Allow mango filters in _changes API

5.2. Version 1.1 (2016-08-05)

  • Add script to load design documents from disk
  • Add methods on Server for user/session management
  • Add microseconds support for DateTimeFields
  • Handle changes feed as emitted by CouchBase (fixes #289)
  • Support Python 3 in couchdb-dump script (fixes #296)
  • Expand relative URLs from Location headers (fixes #287)
  • Correctly handle _rev fields in mapped documents (fixes #278)

5.3. Version 1.0.1 (2016-03-12)

  • Make sure connections are correctly closed on GAE (fixes #224)
  • Correctly join path parts in replicate script (fixes #269)
  • Fix id and rev for some special documents
  • Make it possible to disable SSL verification

5.4. Version 1.0 (2014-11-16)

  • Many smaller Python 3 compatibility issues have been fixed
  • Improve handling of binary attachments in the couchdb-dump tool
  • Added testing via tox and support for Travis CI

5.5. Version 0.10 (2014-07-15)

  • Now compatible with Python 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4
  • Added batch processing for the couchdb-dump tool
  • A very basic API to access the _security object
  • A way to access the update_seq value on view results

5.6. Version 0.9 (2013-04-25)

  • Don’t validate database names on the client side. This means some methods dealing with database names can return different exceptions than before.
  • Use HTTP socket more efficiently to avoid the Nagle algorithm, greatly improving performace. Note: add the {nodelay, true} option to the CouchDB server’s httpd/socket_options config.
  • Add support for show and list functions.
  • Add support for calling update handlers.
  • Add support for purging documents.
  • Add iterview() for more efficient iteration over large view results.
  • Add view cleanup API.
  • Enhance Server.stats() to optionally retrieve a single set of statistics.
  • Implement Session timeouts.
  • Add error property to Row objects.
  • Add default=None arg to mapping.Document.get() to make it a little more dict-like.
  • Enhance Database.info() so it can also be used to get info for a design doc.
  • Add view definition options, e.g. collation.
  • Fix support for authentication in dump/load tools.
  • Support non-ASCII document IDs in serialization format.
  • Protect ResponseBody from being iterated/closed multiple times.
  • Rename iteration method for ResponseBody chunks to iterchunks() to prevent usage for non-chunked responses.
  • JSON encoding exceptions are no longer masked, resulting in better error messages.
  • cjson support is now deprecated.
  • Fix Row.value and Row.__repr__ to never raise exceptions.
  • Fix Python view server’s reduce to handle empty map results list.
  • Use locale-independent timestamp identifiers for HTTP cache.
  • Don’t require setuptools/distribute to install the core package. (Still needed to install the console scripts.)

5.7. Version 0.8 (Aug 13, 2010)

  • The couchdb-replicate script has changed from being a poor man’s version of continuous replication (predating it) to being a simple script to help kick off replication jobs across databases and servers.
  • Reinclude all http exception types in the ‘couchdb’ package’s scope.
  • Replaced epydoc API docs by more extensive Sphinx-based documentation.
  • Request retries schedule and frequency are now customizable.
  • Allow more kinds of request errors to trigger a retry.
  • Improve wrapping of view results.
  • Added a uuids() method to the client.Server class (issue 122).
  • Tested with CouchDB 0.10 - 1.0 (and Python 2.4 - 2.7).

5.8. Version 0.7.0 (Apr 15, 2010)

  • Breaking change: the dependency on httplib2 has been replaced by an internal couchdb.http library. This changes the API in several places. Most importantly, resource.request() now returns a 3-member tuple.
  • Breaking change: couchdb.schema has been renamed to couchdb.mapping. This better reflects what is actually provided. Classes inside couchdb.mapping have been similarly renamed (e.g. Schema -> Mapping).
  • Breaking change: couchdb.schema.View has been renamed to couchdb.mapping.ViewField, in order to help distinguish it from couchdb.client.View.
  • Breaking change: the client.Server properties version and config have become methods in order to improve API consistency.
  • Prevent schema.ListField objects from sharing the same default (issue 107).
  • Added a changes() method to the client.Database class (issue 103).
  • Added an optional argument to the ‘Database.compact`` method to enable view compaction (the rest of issue 37).

5.9. Version 0.6.1 (Dec 14, 2009)

  • Compatible with CouchDB 0.9.x and 0.10.x.
  • Removed debugging statement from json module (issue 82).
  • Fixed a few bugs resulting from typos.
  • Added a replicate() method to the client.Server class (issue 61).
  • Honor the boundary argument in the dump script code (issue 100).
  • Added a stats() method to the client.Server class.
  • Added a tasks() method to the client.Server class.
  • Allow slashes in path components passed to the uri function (issue 96).
  • schema.DictField objects now have a separate backing dictionary for each instance of their schema.Document (issue 101).
  • schema.ListField proxy objects now have a more consistent (though somewhat slower) count() method (issue 91).
  • schema.ListField objects now have correct behavior for slicing operations and the pop() method (issue 92).
  • Added a revisions() method to the Database class (issue 99).
  • Make sure we always return UTF-8 from the view server (issue 81).

5.10. Version 0.6 (Jul 2, 2009)

  • Compatible with CouchDB 0.9.x.
  • schema.DictField instances no longer need to be bound to a Schema (issue 51).
  • Added a config property to the client.Server class (issue 67).
  • Added a compact() method to the client.Database class (issue 37).
  • Changed the update() method of the client.Database class to simplify the handling of errors. The method now returns a list of (success, docid, rev_or_exc) tuples. See the docstring of that method for the details.
  • schema.ListField proxy objects now support the __contains__() and index() methods (issue 77).
  • The results of the query() and view() methods in the schema.Document class are now properly wrapped in objects of the class if the include_docs option is set (issue 76).
  • Removed the eager option on the query() and view() methods of schema.Document. Use the include_docs option instead, which doesn’t require an additional request per document.
  • Added a copy() method to the client.Database class, which translates to a HTTP COPY request (issue 74).
  • Accessing a non-existing database through Server.__getitem__ now throws a ResourceNotFound exception as advertised (issue 41).
  • Added a delete() method to the client.Server class for consistency (issue 64).
  • The couchdb-dump tool now operates in a streaming fashion, writing one document at a time to the resulting MIME multipart file (issue 58).
  • It is now possible to explicitly set the JSON module that should be used for decoding/encoding JSON data. The currently available choices are simplejson, cjson, and json (the standard library module). It is also possible to use custom decoding/encoding functions.
  • Add logging to the Python view server. It can now be configured to log to a given file or the standard error stream, and the log level can be set debug to see all communication between CouchDB and the view server (issue 55).

5.11. Version 0.5 (Nov 29, 2008)

  • schema.Document objects can now be used in the documents list passed to client.Database.update().
  • Server.__contains__() and Database.__contains__() now use the HTTP HEAD method to avoid unnecessary transmission of data. Database.__del__() also uses HEAD to determine the latest revision of the document.
  • The Database class now has a method delete() that takes a document dictionary as parameter. This method should be used in preference to __del__ as it allow conflict detection and handling.
  • Added cache and timeout arguments to the client.Server initializer.
  • The Database class now provides methods for deleting, retrieving, and updating attachments.
  • The Python view server now exposes a log() function to map and reduce functions (issue 21).
  • Handling of the rereduce stage in the Python view server has been fixed.
  • The Server and Database classes now implement the __nonzero__ hook so that they produce sensible results in boolean conditions.
  • The client module will now reattempt a request that failed with a “connection reset by peer” error.
  • inf/nan values now raise a ValueError on the client side instead of triggering an internal server error (issue 31).
  • Added a new couchdb.design module that provides functionality for managing views in design documents, so that they can be defined in the Python application code, and the design documents actually stored in the database can be kept in sync with the definitions in the code.
  • The include_docs option for CouchDB views is now supported by the new doc property of row instances in view results. Thanks to Paul Davis for the patch (issue 33).
  • The keys option for views is now supported (issue 35).

5.12. Version 0.4 (Jun 28, 2008)

  • Updated for compatibility with CouchDB 0.8.0
  • Added command-line scripts for importing/exporting databases.
  • The Database.update() function will now actually perform the POST request even when you do not iterate over the results (issue 5).
  • The _view prefix can now be omitted when specifying view names.

5.13. Version 0.3 (Feb 6, 2008)

  • The schema.Document class now has a view() method that can be used to execute a CouchDB view and map the result rows back to objects of that schema.
  • The test suite now uses the new default port of CouchDB, 5984.
  • Views now return proxy objects to which you can apply slice syntax for “key”, “startkey”, and “endkey” filtering.
  • Add a query() classmethod to the Document class.

5.14. Version 0.2 (Nov 21, 2007)

  • Added __len__ and __iter__ to the schema.Schema class to iterate over and get the number of items in a document or compound field.
  • The “version” property of client.Server now returns a plain string instead of a tuple of ints.
  • The client library now identifies itself with a meaningful User-Agent string.
  • schema.Document.store() now returns the document object instance, instead of just the document ID.
  • The string representation of schema.Document objects is now more comprehensive.
  • Only the view parameters “key”, “startkey”, and “endkey” are JSON encoded, anything else is left alone.
  • Slashes in document IDs are now URL-quoted until CouchDB supports them.
  • Allow the content-type to be passed for temp views via client.Database.query() so that view languages other than Javascript can be used.
  • Added client.Database.update() method to bulk insert/update documents in a database.
  • The view-server script wrapper has been renamed to couchpy.
  • couchpy now supports --help and --version options.
  • Updated for compatibility with CouchDB release 0.7.0.

5.15. Version 0.1 (Sep 23, 2007)

  • First public release.